missing france

I finally found time to upload my photos from my camera.

Ever since the ‘touch down’ in Singapore on 19 June, the following days were filled with preparing for our baby’s arrival. Because baby items in Singapore costs so much, pricier items like our micralite stroller and maxi cosi cabrio carseat were bought off Amazon UK and shipped to France (we got them back using our 40kg SQ airline baggage allowance), digital warmers and thermometer etc were bought off Amazon US and shipped via Vpost to Singapore (though crucial items like breastpumps should be bought locally due to warranty issues). So apart from running around buying essentials for baby (I love NTUC!), meeting up with friends, I was practically glued to the computer screen looking for deals.

3 months have passed since then. Time flies. Looking through the photos bring back wonderful memories. The morning walks to the marche which opens only on Tues, Fri and Sun, the pretty Les Sablons street with my favourite boulangerie, the friendly pharmacy, butcher shops, cheese shops and toy shops. Not to mention the laboratory I go every month for my blood tests (it is compulsory to test for toxoplasmosis for pregnancy). The friendly and generous french people at the market going ‘bonjour madame’ and always giving me freebies (like omega 3 enriched seaweed/algae which costs a bomb) to eat! I wished I could stay on to experience the nice summer/autumn in Fontainebleau now.

My daily breakfast of pain aux cereales, baguette vienoisse and my favorite doux buerre (unsalted butter) from the market

Pastries from my favorite boulangerie

Food experimentation. Just love the colors and it taste great too!

The different type of yoghurts. Yoghurt is a big thing in France and they have so many to choose from. I heard the good ones are unpasteurised which means they are out of bounds for me. Bleah.


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  1. bookjunkie Says:

    the colours looks amazing!

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