missing france – Chateau Du Saussay

It was a wonderful party that we had attended in early June set amidst beautiful surroundings and a great weather.  It was elaborate and classy complete with a jazz band, good food and wine and beautiful decor set up by W’s schoolmate. And of course we were very happy to be invited. Funnily, we did not know the reason for the party though we suspect it was an engagement party for the host. Hehe. In fact when we were there, Louis Vuitton was doing some photo shoots and a cocktail for its collections too.

The party was set within the lush gardens. Landscaped gardens juxtaposed with the natural landscape.  The photos do no justice to the gardens at all!

Although the roses were withering in late spring in our apartment premises. The roses here were still blooming. I just love the texture of the flowers and the old walls of the chateau. In the picture above, W was crossing the moat which separates the Chateau from the gardens where the party was held.

I wish Singapore has gardens like that where beautiful weddings can be held. So romantic.

W’s schoolmates chilling out and the fantastic Jazz band playing wonderful classics. The atmosphere was just so relaxing.

The wonderful food spread. Looking back, I could see where the 17kg was from over the course of my pregnancy. I am still trying to lose the fat! Although alcohol was off limits for me. It was so good that W had to let me try some. Sic.

Beyond the gardens is the forest which gave a very calming and serene effect. It was like a fairytale where you would imagine fairies and elves playing within.

My favorite! The grill station which was churning out huge prawns. I saw the prawns in the marche on Friday but they cost a bomb so I stuffed myself with prawns here. Hehe. Afterall, cooked food is the only thing I could eat due to my pregnancy! BUT I can’t believe I forgot all about the ice cream stand and totally missed out on the ice cream! Argh!

The host also provided game stands for shooting, dartboards, archery, racing cars and balls for his guests to entertain themselves with. Amazing. WHICH I think I could only do so in a similar fashion if I strike 1st prize in 4D! Haha.


3 Responses to “missing france – Chateau Du Saussay”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    breathtakingly beautiful gardens and the weather must have been perfect and cool. your photos give me wanderlust :)

  2. wy Says:

    drool. i was hungry before i read your blog and now i’m REALLY hungry. the canapes look so good!

  3. trainride Says:

    Hello wy,

    yes the food was really good. the host was pretty generous I have to say. But I was banned from the raw stuff. Argh!

    Hello bookjunkie,

    Yes the weather was nice and cool. In fact it was threatening to rain but it didn’t. phew.

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