Just another day’s work.

Bringing a baby with reflux to the pediatrician after throwing up gallons of milk in projectile motion through the mouth and nose.

Never knew baby’s stomach can hold THAT MUCH MILK.

Instead, baby’s parents found that baby had developed an inflamed lymph node due to her BCG Injection *unrelated to reflux*. Baby’s mom’s Singaporean Death Stare must have frightened the doctor and doctor *whom I applaud for having great jedi sense* quickly explained that there is only ONE type of BCG used in Singapore and it comes from Belgium.

Baby was referred to Pediatric SURGEON *faint*.

Note the following post may be graphic and offensive. You have been warned.

Surgeon recommended incision where they will spray local anesthesia, cut (1.5cm) and extract the pus *2 M&Ms size* which had accumulated in the lymph node and flush out the area.

Teary mommy held on to baby’s hands and the procedure was over in less than a minute. Baby was brave, cried for awhile and fell asleep soon after. Well, the cries were far worse when denied of milk.

Surgeon told mommy to dress the wound everyday. What!? This is THE REASON why mommy did not choose medical school! On top of it, a baby’s wound!?

OK. Baby’s papa will do it.

But before papa was home, baby had poo poo-ed ALOT. So much so that the mustardy poo had squished onto the car seat and the gauze. SHIT.

Mommy had NO CHOICE but to face her fears and clean up the area including the wound.

OK. It wasn’t so bad after all. Because, instead of a gaping wound, it was just a fine line. Phew.


3 Responses to “Just another day’s work.”

  1. wy Says:

    oh no so traumatic for both you and little nadia! poor baby…. but i hope she feels more comfortable now with those M&M pus balls out of her lymph nodes… is she crying less and taking in milk better now?

    sigh motherhood is really full of new experiences man… and some can be quite scary right… esp when you have no idea what is wrong and baby keeps crying. jia you woman!

  2. bookjunkie Says:

    it sounds so traumatic. Boy you are brave. I would have been in pieces. Poor little baby. I hope she recovers well and soon. Drs could be more compassionate!

  3. m Says:

    poor little baby!! Hope the wound heals well and she feeds properly after that! Good to hear that she cried less compared to being denied of milk. What a brave little girl =)

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