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daily scream fests

November 25, 2010

officially ends this week!

Poor baby must have been traumatized by my mishandling in the initial few weeks of her life because she simply HATES HER BATH. The moment water touches her head, she lets out a scream that cries bloody murder. It is a wonder that until today, the neighbours haven’t reported me to any human rights group or the police! By the time the bath saga ends, she would be all sniffles and exhausted. It was quite a sight to watch and of course, my heart broke each time. She looked so sad! It got to the point when I hated bathing her and dreaded bath times. I even thought of doing dry wipes for as long as possible to make her forget her trauma. But alas, she is one sweaty baby and in our climate, baths are unavoidable. According to what I’ve read, the result of no baths would be heat rash and possible eczema!

I was so worried that she would hate water forever and wouldn’t learn to swim! That would mean no resorts, beaches and basic survival skills! ¬†She may also develop issues and it would be ALL MY FAULT!

I have no idea what I did wrong. Perhaps I held her in a wrong way. I started out by supporting at the neck only and since babies are wriggly and very slippery, she was flopping around in the bath tub and I guess the experience was pretty unsettling for her. But I didn’t dare bathe her face down in her 1st month (in case I drop her) so I stuck with it for pretty long. I didn’t think it was the temperature too. I did some research on youtube and felt so guilty as I watch babies falling asleep or enjoying their bath times. When she got older and more sturdy, I tried every method. But because the psychological damage was done, nothing worked.

Finally, as the last resort, I did this. Voila! It worked!!! Victory dance.

I will hold her against me and shampoo her hair and body and talk/sing to her at the same time. After which, I’ll wash off the soap and lower her into the water to wash her bum. Of course I get wet as a result. And another person’s help is required in case she falls backwards. It has been working for 3 weeks now. But it was worth it. And yesterday, I could lower her immediately into the tub and wash her. I think this is because¬†she is gaining control of her body so she is less afraid when she sits in the tub and could see her feet and the water in the bathtub. In fact, she likes it when water is splashed around! Whoopieee!!!

Time to bring out the rubber duckies!



my little dumpling

November 25, 2010

Little baby has reached a couple of milestones during the past few weeks.

She holds her head for a few seconds during tummy times though she tends to protest after a while and I’ll have to roll her back. It gets longer each time she practices.

She no longer hates her baths (time to bring in the duckies) = bye to daily scream fests in the bathroom! Yay!!!

She seems (I think) suddenly aware of her surroundings and looks around with wide eye wonder. It’s like she woke up one morning and suddenly her vision is crystal clear and she goes ‘oh…so this is what it’s all about!’. Helps in encouraging her to lift her head when I carry her around.

She let out a short giggle today when I ‘ate’ her feet and hands.

She smiles at everyone every morning and that just brightens up our day.

Awwww…Melt melt melt.

In case you ask, I did not style her hair. It kinda developed naturally in that way. Hope it falls back down again soon!

100++ days

November 25, 2010

3.5 months have flown by so quickly. It has been an amazing journey watching baby girl grow and develop into this little person with her own adult quirks (hear her fart across the room) and temper. Even though she doesn’t yak much, she looks like (I hope), constantly thinking and exploring the world around her.

Likewise, these months had been an insightful journey for me. It wasn’t an easy beginning. In fact, the 1st month was unbelievably challenging and tough. The overwhelming feeling I got when it finally sunk into me that I have a person to care for, FOR LIFE!!! It is not just ANY JOB. You can’t quit when you want to. Worse, you are a slave to your baby’s demands. Forget about schedules or routines for the first 2 weeks. It was a reality shock. It is true when they say motherhood exists in an entirely different realm. No books can prepare you for the journey. The concept is impossible to understand until you step into it yourself.

Motherhood is a mental test. The sleepless nights will zap your sanity away. I thought I was well prepared given Architecture school/job training and I would be able to manage. Alas, I failed miserably. Unlike a project with deadlines, the sleepless nights stretch continously for months. You operate in a daze EVERYDAY. On top of it, strategize ways in establishing routines and methods of feeding or bathing (baby had bathtime phobia!) to make sure she is happy and contented. There were times when I wished baby girl could stay in the tummy where she would be happier and well fed instead of being mishandled by her mother! No wonder new mothers get blues. I was just stressed over breastfeeding which was difficult to establish. No thanks to ‘Breast is Best’ campaigns! It was only after sound advice from Lynette that I got over the whole hoolala about breastfeeding. Thank you! I just hope that baby would not develop allergies and I figure I’ll make it up to baby by becoming the most awesome mom ever. Haha.

But before potential mums get dreary, the good news is, it will only get better.

In my case, it was a change of perspective. When you accept that your lifestyle will change and you have to wake once every night, you get used to it. In fact, I am enjoying the quiet night time feeds when it is just me and her (though I still hope it will pass soon). Also, as you begin to recognise and pick up baby’s signals and cues, you can do a ‘rescue’ before it turns into a full meltdown. Life gets easier (for now). It also helps to believe that you are not a bad mother and no matter what happens, I am inclined to believe that babies have short term memory and will not remember the trauma (including bathtime scream fests) you have caused them. Haha.

What do they know?

November 15, 2010

Did an accidental experiment yesterday. I said ‘mama’, she looked at me. When I said ‘papa’, she looked at W. Repeated it a few times and nadia’s eyes focused onto the right person as I alternated between mama and papa. Amazing. Maybe it is just a coincidence or do babies actually know.

Babies surprise me all the time.