my little dumpling

Little baby has reached a couple of milestones during the past few weeks.

She holds her head for a few seconds during tummy times though she tends to protest after a while and I’ll have to roll her back. It gets longer each time she practices.

She no longer hates her baths (time to bring in the duckies) = bye to daily scream fests in the bathroom! Yay!!!

She seems (I think) suddenly aware of her surroundings and looks around with wide eye wonder. It’s like she woke up one morning and suddenly her vision is crystal clear and she goes ‘oh…so this is what it’s all about!’. Helps in encouraging her to lift her head when I carry her around.

She let out a short giggle today when I ‘ate’ her feet and hands.

She smiles at everyone every morning and that just brightens up our day.

Awwww…Melt melt melt.

In case you ask, I did not style her hair. It kinda developed naturally in that way. Hope it falls back down again soon!


6 Responses to “my little dumpling”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    she is so utterly precious!! :) I can’t believe she is so big already and it seems just moments ago you were blogging about being pregnant.

    • trainride Says:

      yes indeed :) time flies and I can’t wait for her to crawl soon which I believe is the start of another series of nightmares!

  2. wy Says:

    omg she TOTALLY looks like W’s brother and mom in this photo!!!!
    hahaha i love those stray strands of hair flying off the right side of her head. she is such a cutie-pie!!!!

  3. trainride Says:

    yeah…I have this feeling that she resembles her paternal side more! Sigh. Actually I love those stray strands too. I have no idea why they can stand up. It is pretty funny.

  4. m Says:

    oh.. thats the famous hair… Cute!!! Was just reading that feathered accessories are in fashion now and that soft ‘fan’ just reminds me of a hairpiece! =)

  5. YH Says:

    she looks so adorable v cute dumpling indeed!

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