The fireworks just ended. 2011 has begun!

2010 had been an amazing year filled with challenges and changes. I fulfilled the dream of living abroad in Europe (France), had new understanding of the French culture, made new worthy friends, travelled to Sri Lanka for W’s grad trip (I am a coward- think car bombs). W just graduated with distinctions and is deciding on his first job after Insead. But most importantly, it was becoming a mother that had the greatest impact.

I remembered during this time last year, both W and I had just arrived in Fontainebleau battling the cold and my 1st trimester symptoms. I walked 15 mins in the snow to the public hospital to check that nadia was ok. No one speaks English and we were trying to navigate the French system despite my urgency. Fortunately she was fine. I remembered the relief when I hear her heart beating strongly. She appeared so tiny on the ultrasound then. Today, she is nearly 5 months, weights 6.7kg and is sleeping soundly next to me as I type this entry.

It had been a good year for both W and me. Despite the stress that I inflict upon W. Haha. He never once complained but listened to all my whinings regardless of how ridiculous it can get. Despite the immense pressures of 2010. W takes it calmly in his stride and never once flinch. He had been my pillar of strength and my 2010 was great because of him. In fact, my dreams were possible because of you. Thank you W. You’ve been awesome.

I think no words can describe the beauty of changes. More are bound to come and regardless of its nature, my resolution for my little family is to strive to embrace them positively and keep moving forward.

Happy 2011 to all and may all your dreams be fulfilled in the New Year!!!


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