missing france – Provence Roadtrip 1

Gosh this post is seriously overdue. Not to mention tonnes of others waiting to be edited and uploaded. But as part of my 2011 resolutions, I will try to blog as much as I can before my memory fails me further.

This was our roadtrip in May 2010 during the Insead’s P2 break. We decided to do a roadtrip to the south of France and thought it was the best time to do so before the hordes of tourists arrive in July for summer. We decided on the roadtrip only 2 weeks before so it was pretty tough booking the B&Bs that we wanted. They were mostly booked up despite it being off season. Only then we realised that it was popular to travel during the long weekends for the French! I simply love their work life balance! I guess that explains the high fertility rates that France enjoys.

The trip down south would require a 7 hour drive which was too taxing on W. We decided to stay 1 night in Lyon located 3 hours away from Fontainebleau and of course, we couldn’t miss the great opportunity to visit Burgundy on the way to Lyon.

I wasn’t suppose to take the wine due to the pregnancy but I really couldn’t help it and ended up tasting just  a little of the wines that W liked. Pictures above – You pay a fee, walk through the cellars underground and get to taste the wine on display. There is tiny vineyard just outside for the wines.

The pictures below show some of the amazing goodies sold in the boulangeries.

Lyon finally. After checking in at the hotel, we went in search for dinner at 9pm. Lyon is known as the gastronomic centre of France and I was eager to try out the food. Unfortunately, most restaurants were closed. But my survival instincts took over. Popular French restaurants usually have 2 seatings and we decided to check out Le Nord. We weren’t disappointed. I had the best French Onion Soup ever and developed a taste for Andouillette!

We stayed in a B&B located outside of Lyon. It was a really interesting place filled with quirky vintage toys though the dolls in our room freaked W out. Haha. The owner’s father was an architect and the B&B was beautiful with landscape windows framing the wonderful gardens.

Checking out Lyon. Unfortunately due to our tight schedule, we missed out the arcades that Lyon is famous for! The picture below shows us taking the Funicular to Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere. Amazing view from the top.

Walking through the streets of Lyon. Some quirky puppets and a musuem showcasing miniatures along the way. You must must try Bernachon when in Lyon. Especially the Caramel Chocolate Bars.

Part 2 coming right up!


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