missing france_Provence Roadtrip 2

After our major rest stop at Lyon, it was another 3hrs drive down south to Provence. After checking into Le Mas de Miejour, we rested for the night and set off for Gordes the next morning. It was breathtaking.

We visited the Sénanque Abbey famed for its lavenders. Unfortunately, the lavender only blooms in July and I’ll have to contend with these beautiful pictures.

Next up is the drive to Roussillon with its signature red buildings. I love the food in Provence. This restaurant La Treille serves amazing food and was recommended by our B&B for lunch.

Yup, the French eat frog legs too. Eeks! (Bottom right picture below). It was pretty freaky watching W eat them!

Of course, stopping by chateaus and vineyards to buy wine.

Checking out another village (can’t remember the name!)

I wished I had a porch like that, overlooking the hills.


This is another town that we stopped by for dinner.

Checking out Avignon. At the Palais de Papes.

Lunch at the spectacular Château des Baux. Within its walls, Château des Baux shelters the last remains of the old town of Les Baux, conjuring up images of daily life in Medieval or Renaissance times. The houses and dovecotes, chapels and caves are typical of the high hill-town habitats of Provencewhere lords and craftsmen lived in close harmony

The fort is simply spectacular and almost surreal. I can just imagine the wars that had happened before and lives lost in the dark crevices of the fort. Scary. J had wanted to witness the catapult used to ward off invaders, which Les Baux is so famous for. Unfortunately, it rained and the session was called off. Did I mention that Provence is usually sunny and rain is rare. However, we got stuck in the rain for almost 60% of the roadtrip! Argh!

Part 3 coming right up!


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