carrots fail

She hates her carrots. Only upon further reading (love this book) and speaking to friends that I realise carrots should be introduced after 8 months. Whoops. I use the Beaba Babycook and Annabel Karmel’s freeze cube trays which were a breeze to use. Just pop them out and defrost in bowl.

Little dumpling loves bananas and sweet potato. It was the banana that got her opening her mouth again. She saw her grandma eating one and wanted to grab it. Her daddy allowed her to taste some and she was hooked. I quickly prepared a portion of mashed banana mixed with formula and she grabbed the spoon off my hand! Note that it is easier to scrape the banana first instead of cutting a chunk and attempting to mash the chunk with a spoon.

Bought the sweet potatoes from NTUC Finest this morning. The sweet potatoes are from Japan and comes in a bag. It costs more (S$5.90) but I like it because the potatoes are really small so I won’t have to finish the left over sweet potato.

Up next, avocadoes and green peas. Excited!!!


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One Response to “carrots fail”

  1. wy Says:

    hey woman! is the recipe book you mentioned in this post any good? am looking at the book depository website and saw it going for US$20.84. also where did you get the baby food maker and ice cube trays? amazon?

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