routine of a 6 mth old baby

She has been keeping to this routine since 4 mths. Of course she doesn’t stick to it strictly since she would wake earlier or later for her naps. But one thing is for sure. She can only stay awake for 2.5hrs and will start to doze off or get cranky if she doesn’t get her naps.

0700am Baby wakes up and plays/talks in her cot.

0730am Baby starts to ‘ask’ for her milk feed (180ml).

0830am Baby has a 40mins morning nap. That’s when I feed myself and read the papers.

0915am Baby wakes up and plays on her own before I whoop her off to the market to get groceries and lunch.

1030am Baby comes home and plays on her own or with great great granny/uncle/daddy whilst I prepare her milk and solid foods.

1115am Baby eats her semi solids and drinks her milk (180ml) after.

1145am Baby usually gets drowsy by 1130am and knocks off by 12pm. Her noon nap is inconsistent ranging from 1-1.5hrs. On rare occasions, she can go up to 2hrs. I use this time to have lunch, prepare dinner and relax.

0100pm Baby wakes and I let her play on her own before joining her. This would be a good time to bring her out too.

0300pm Baby starts to get hungry and I feed her 180ml of milk.

0330pm Baby gets drowsy and takes a 40minute nap. Another break for me!

0430pm Baby wants to play.

0545pm Baby loves going to the park and we watch the children play. I let her sit on the swing if it is unoccupied.

0615pm Bath Time!

0630pm Baby starts to get hungry and I feed her 180ml of milk.

0730pm Baby goes to bed and will usually knock off by 8pm. Sometimes I’m a horrid mother and brings her out for dinner. She’ll get all excited but we usually get home by 9.30pm and a bottle of milk would knock her out. Hah.

She takes a longer time to feed because she was throwing up when she was smaller so I prefer that she rest a little after half a milk feed, by walking her around before continuing with the rest of her milk.


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