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the journey continues…with a little addition

May 15, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary!!! to my bestest friend who believed in me all this while despite the imperfections.

I truly appreciate it.


growing awareness

May 12, 2011

Since 2 weeks back,

  1. You tried to wave your hands when we say ‘bye bye.’ It looked cute because it looked constipated. Haha.
  2. You know that the Beco baby carrier meant you were going out and you get all excited.
  3. Whenever I ask ‘where is nadia’s milk’, your eyes searched for the bottle. It was funny watching your eyes search in the place where I would usually place it and be surprised/happy when you couldn’t find it/find it. I resolve to get a picture of that wide-eyed look. The same goes for water, apple, banana (I guess the foods you like) and the people you know.
  4. You stretch out your hands to the next person who would not force you to ‘eat more porridge’. If there was no one to ‘save’ you, you cling on to the back of the chair and stuck your face against it so that I couldn’t make you eat some more.
  5. You are very cautious/suspicious/fussy and insists on tasting the food (by revealing only the tongue tip) before opening your mouth. If you do not like the food, I had to finish it! So it was a food battle until recently, you started taking in whatever I had cooked. Yay!
  6. Your favourite fish is salmon (isn’t it fishy?!?) and you could eat it on its own. Your favourite fruits are bananas, apples and avocadoes.
  7. You looked so happy when you managed to sit/stand on your own and wanted me to share your joy.
  8. You were so excited on your new walker (new found freedom) although you quickly figured out that your mummy is still the better and energy conserving transport tool.
  9. You love clinging to mummy and when you couldn’t go to sleep, you would stretch out your arms so that I could carry you out of your cot for a little cuddle.
  10. Just recently, you started on the art of throwing and seeing where the items land on the floor. According to your grandmother (my mummy), you expected it to be retrieved. Gosh.
  11. You want a cuddle from daddy when you wake up (guess you know he is leaving for work) and when daddy comes home but you ignore daddy on weekends since you know he is around all day. Haha.

expressing yourself

May 11, 2011

At 8.75 mths, you started babbling non-stop for 3 days and made so many different sounds that I couldn’t tell whether you said ‘mama’, ‘dada’ or ‘baba’. But I’m sure you said ‘mum mum’. You had been generally quiet but it all started with the squealing and screaming (in excitement) 2 weeks before and it progressed to the constant babbling.

Despite the babbling, you seemed to like hearing us talk and could sit there watching/listening to us for a record hour without interrupting.

I wonder what you were listening.

By 9.25mths, you had developed further and whenever you were happy or sad (eg when the doctor checked on your cough and the 10mins nebulizer), you go ‘mama, mama, mamama!!!’. Do you actually know what that means? I think you do because despite the same words babbled, it was expressed differently.

Btw, your 2nd tooth is out.