expressing yourself

At 8.75 mths, you started babbling non-stop for 3 days and made so many different sounds that I couldn’t tell whether you said ‘mama’, ‘dada’ or ‘baba’. But I’m sure you said ‘mum mum’. You had been generally quiet but it all started with the squealing and screaming (in excitement) 2 weeks before and it progressed to the constant babbling.

Despite the babbling, you seemed to like hearing us talk and could sit there watching/listening to us for a record hour without interrupting.

I wonder what you were listening.

By 9.25mths, you had developed further and whenever you were happy or sad (eg when the doctor checked on your cough and the 10mins nebulizer), you go ‘mama, mama, mamama!!!’. Do you actually know what that means? I think you do because despite the same words babbled, it was expressed differently.

Btw, your 2nd tooth is out.


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