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Nana @ 21 mths

May 5, 2012

Oh dear (nana’s favorite exclamation!), the last post was written more than 6 months ago! N’s routine had changed drastically but for the better. As she grew older, her naps were no longer the usual 40 mins-60mins nap, she would take 1.5 hour naps! Her¬†development¬†was on track and it was wonderful watching the milestones develop right before your eyes.

Her schedule up to 18 months were pretty similar to the earlier months and it goes like this.

7.00am Wakes up > 210ml of milk

7.30am Playtime

8.30am Morning nap and mummy gets breakfast, reads the papers and prepares N’s meals

9.30am Wakes up > Playtime or market time

10.30am Lunch

11.30am Playtime

2.30pm 120ml of milk and an afternoon nap. Mummy prepares N’s dinner or takes a short nap

3.30pm Wakes up > more playtime!

5.30pm Dinner

6.15pm Park

7.00pm Bath time

7.15pm Bedtime Stories, snuggle time and 210ml of milk (Enfa stage 2)

7.45pm Pat to sleep and N is asleep by 8pm

Her routine at 21 months is different and I am trying to keep up with her increased energy level! If N takes 1 nap in the day, she gets knocked out by 7.30pm but tends to wake up easily in the night. She seems to sleep better with 2 naps in the day.

Her meals had changed. I had to feed her ‘kaiseki’ style for the earlier months but her habits changed suddenly and she takes porridge now. Her routine at 21 months goes like this :-

7.00 am Wakes up and takes in 210ml of milk (Enfagrow 3)

8.00 am To the market where she gets her cheese bun from ‘uncle’ or breakfast of bread, butter, cheese, milk at home

8.30 am Playtime (if we are not at the market)

9.30 am Back from the market and this is where it gets tricky. If she is tired, I would let her sleep and I can prepare her meals for the day. But when she is wide awake it would be a constant battle of wills with her countless requests of ‘carry’, ‘hold hands’ and pulling me out of the kitchen. Otherwise, she starts taking out the food in the pantry and starts mixing things up!

11.30am Lunch time!

12.00pm Playtime

2.30pm Afternoon nap

3.30pm Wakes up and takes in 120ml of milk (would be doing away with this soon) > snack time in the porch > playtime

5.30pm Dinnertime!

6.00pm Park (interchangeable with dinner depending on weather or I just feed her in the park) > comes home and plays with her grandparents whilst I cook dinner for everyone.

7.00pm Bathtime

7.15pm Sits with us for dinner (interchangeable with the above as well)

7.45pm Bedtime stories, chit chats and snuggle time > 210ml of milk

8.15pm Sleep

She sleeps through the night though there were instances when she would wake before midnight or at 3am to ask for a milk especially when her molars were breaking out. Her routine is a little jumbled up these few months because her parents are taking advantage of her flexibility and adaptability. Having said that, I hope to put a routine back in place soon!