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June 17, 2014

Wow the last post was dated way back in 2012!  I should blog more often because I had forgotten most of what had happened!

2013 had been an incredible year. T arrived end October and that made the last few months of 2013 pass in a blur. He was scheduled to arrive on 1 November 2013 but decided to drop by early. What happened was hilarious. I could not identity the contractions until 4am when the sight of blood made us rush to the hospital. By then, I was almost out of breathe with pain. The operating theaters were not ready until 8am but since I can’t do normal delivery, they had to prepare one early for me. Not long after, we welcomed little T to our family.

T had been an easy baby. He reached most milestones early. He was happy and sensitive to his surroundings and responded by smiling at people around him. He slept through by 2 months (takes cluster feeds in the evenings) and I was elated. But of course that was short lived. When he could turn over. He started waking and wanting a bottle of milk. I had to sleep train him because it would be too tiring to have interrupted sleep. Fortunately he responded after a week.

We brought N to Taiwan when T was just 5mths. He stayed behind with my mom. According to her,  he recognized our voices over the phone and began to cry a little!

On the day he turned 7mths, he pulled himself to sitting and standing. He hates crawling on the floor and moves very quickly on the bed. He also started calling out ‘mama…mama’ when he wants to be carried or needs a milk. It was really cute to hear and I would miss that dearly. We brought him to Perth and just last week, he called out ‘dada..dada’ and turned to his father to see if he was watching! He is pretty intense and likes to stare and study the things before him. A pretty serious baby. I’m glad we brought him along. Hopefully the change in setting would stimulate his senses. During the trip, 2 teeth sprouted which resulted in more than an hour’s worth of crying in a restaurant and refusal to sleep in the plane’s bassinet on the way home! Tough times but I was still happy!

Through this all, N had been an amazing sister. She was difficult in the 1st week when T came home but adjusted really quickly and warmed up to her little brother by showering lots of cuddles and kisses on him. She was so good that mummy feels guilty for not spending enough time with her!

There were definitely some behavioral issues but I would attribute that to the terrible 3s and separate from what others would think as the younger sibling effect (ie the need for attention).

N turns 4 this year and at a transition phase from being a toddler to a big child. It must have been tough for her. A period when you can’t decide if the behavior is cute or rude. Demanding for things without saying her ‘please’, interrupting conversations, being rude to elders and crying when things don’t go her way (eg losing at a game). Sometimes it happens so quick I can’t react! But I slowly begin to realize they don’t know what is right and they are still pretty self centered. So 2014 would be a year for practicing patience.

But we are so proud of her. She would tend to her brother when he is upset and entertain him when he is bored. She tells others what to do, to make her brother happy. She is also very patient when we had to tend to T’s crying and there were instances I felt bad because I had been inpatient with her. N! Mama must improve!