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Timmy is one

October 29, 2014

Just too fast! I can’t seem to register what happened in the past year. During Timmy’s party, a parent asked how I was handling things with 2 kids. I replied that I am still trying to find a balance or a get a sense of things. To achieve an inner stability going within me. It is difficult.

We moved back to our in laws this year after the rental lease is up. Contrary to what people think about getting help. Its another area that requires balancing. You get help here and there (like lots of date nights) but you put more work somewhere else. And because there are so many people and things around, a simple task would require not a single step but multiples to get it done.

I am constantly trying to balance time between kids, balancing their needs with everybody else’s and time with the husband. It was mayhem. My memory is getting worse and our house is a constant mess! There are 1000 and one things I want to do with N but I am always distracted by the constant hum and buzz in the family!

Learning to deal with opinions from 1-100 year olds and maintaining a close relationship with everyone requires immense energy! The process of being happy or frustrated both drains me out. I work best in silent and organised environments so it’ll take a while to manage 2 increasingly boisterous kids in an equally boisterous household. Frankly, its fun but it is SO tiring! More so then when I was alone with the kids! Nevertheless, despite it all, I am happy to see everyone’s happy faces and hear their conversations during dinner or outings or family holidays. The children are happy with their grandparents and the grandparents find so much joy in having them around. There really is never a quiet moment in the house.

Enough of my ramblings and back to T. I am so happy that T is beginning to blurb out some words. Perhaps of the need to make his voice heard in the sea of his sister’s constant chatter. He is firm, intense and intent on getting what he wants. He cries, he screams and laughs when he is sad, angry and happy. So much happening in this little guy. Just last week, I thought I heard him ask ‘what is this’! His first sentence?! He is also trying to play the piano like his sister. instead of banging on it with his palms, he uses his fingers and plays a range of notes on the keyboard. Cute! He makes grunting noises and indicates his wants by pointing or when he wants us to do his bidding (out to the porch and the watertable) and he makes sure we are close behind by checking on us! He is increasingly cheeky and gives us a knowing grin when he knows the action is prohibited. He stares intently at strangers and doesn’t let go of his gaze. So most comments were ‘ so fierce so fierce!’. I hope that would change soon!


As for N, I think 4 is a tricky phase for her. Her language is very strong and because of that she says things with big words which she thinks are funny but doesn’t make any sense to us! It gets frustrating sometimes but we are trying to correct that. Whining is up on high and tantrums in public are getting regular. This is definitely new to us and we are learning to change that without quelling the spark in her. Rude behaviour is common and changing the way she talks requires constant reminders. I truly hope all these will change soon!

Finally, I am happy to date that the 2 are snuggling and cuddling each other. N tries to entertain her brother and has been a big sister to him all these while. I’m hoping it’ll stay though I could foresee some fights coming up around the corner as T begins to assert his rights over his toys!

Fingers crossed!