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Trainride belongs to shu who LOVES Architecture, Art, Design, Food, Cooking, Gardening, Travel, Photography and Inspiring Blogs. Am learning to differentiate between the fishies and veggies *they look the same* from the market aunties.


Trainride started in February 09 when I needed an outlet from my 14 hours job (it can be worse) which I held for the past 6 years. I have no idea how I did it!


Trainride resides in a nice quiet estate in the north-eastern part of Singapore. But the famous dormitory would be coming soon so I hope it remains uncrowded and quiet, and that I can still get a seat in the market for my sunday breakfasts!


Trainride is my way of sharing my life experiences with my dear friends in this crazy hectic world.


My goal is to save enough money to buy a DSLR, sign up for cooking classes (at the community centre), Japanese Language classes, Painting classes and read up on all my interests so that I can share more with you busy people! Anyone selling your DSLRs?!


9 Responses to “about me”

  1. lloyd.B Says:

    “Nothing befalls upon a person that he is not made by nature to endure for he is too a creation of nature”

  2. Ai Hui Says:

    hihi! was just catching up on all ya entries…U QUIT!!! CONGRATS!!!!
    so wat r u up to now? having a break? come on down under-u can escape the fiery tropical heat of all year summer in SG into wintery cold and freezing melbourne a.k.a highest no. of reported swine flu cases in the world!
    ooo…love the riders cafe…seems so unlike the SG i know! well..looks like SG is becoming a gourmet centre now! when u come downunder, will bring u n hubby to try all the fantastic eating places in Melb!

    take care! ciao,

  3. trainride Says:

    What?! I thought you’d be my number 1 fan !!! haha
    Well, am now dabbling in some freelance works and housework. What about you? Think we can exchange some housekeeping tips too! haha

    I would really like to pop over to melbourne actually, but not now coz of the little work commitments and I do need to save $$$. If I can, you’ll be one of the first to know! ;)

  4. "L" Says:

    So I am kow know as “L” huh?

    Yes the tokyo soup place is really inspiring! I hope I can do just as well. Next up is butternut squash soup. Will let you and W know when it is ready for some sampling.

  5. trainride Says:

    hehe yes L. Glad to know you like it! We’ll be looking forward to your soups !!!

  6. businessmadame Says:

    Dear SHu I really likes your concept, it is fresh and very trendy ! I’ll keep an eye on your blog !

    • trainride Says:

      Dear Andre,

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog! Am pretty new to blogging so it’s still a long way to go but It’s been fun so far.

  7. bookjunkie Says:

    You have a wonderful blog….I will be checking out your interesting posts :)

    • trainride Says:

      Hi BookJunkie :)

      Thank you for your comments. Do drop by again and I’ll try to post regularly :P

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