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gurren lagann

June 9, 2009


Just finished the 27 part award winning anime series Gurren Lagann.

The ending was a tad unbearable for me. It still pains me when I think about it. But then again, I couldn’t think of any ways to end it either. Argh.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is about a young boy Simon who would eventually save the universe from the Anti-Spirals oppression and return Earth to man. The Spiral theme is inherent throughout the show. It represents the double helix of the DNA structure and symbolises evolution. Each phase of the anime illustrates how Simon the lead character evolves as he ‘breaks through each ceiling’ to achieve the next level of freedom, from himself and from the system. It is scary because I can relate to the fear. I can also see how the story is synonymous to the world around us. There will always be societies, corporations and people who want to keep others ‘under the surface’. It can be for genuine good intentions. However, because it is a world created out of fear of the unknown, in exchange, freedom is lost.

“Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!”

“Simon, believe in yourself. Not in the Kamina that you believe in, and not in the Simon that I believe in either. Believe in the Simon who believes in you.”

These words were the source of Simon’s strength and there is a touching story behind it. I will not divulge more. You must watch it for yourself. Do check out the soundtrack too!


matoko shinkai

March 2, 2009

Matoko Shinkai is WONDERFUL. You MUST WATCH HIS WORKS. They are masterpieces. Each frame is beautifully crafted and painstakingly put together by the team. The way sunlight and flourescent light is expressed, the colours and texture of each frames inserted with the beautiful soundtrack by Tenmon send tingles down my spine and made my hair stand.


Matoko Shinkai was introduced to me by W via ‘Global Shinkai Day 2009’ a fansub website where the world could view his films for free to 28 February 2009 via CrunchyRoll.

Read about him here.

In 5 Centimetres Per Second, the attentiveness to sights and sounds blew me off *kudos to the production team*. I was particularly awed by the train scenes. The train interior is wonderfully detailed, the fan on the ceiling of the train *found in the old trains serving rural areas*, the baggage compartment, handles, seats, the way the connecting joints between carriages moved, the water droplets on the windows and the way the characters behaved in the train is exactly as I had noticed in Hokkaido (Winter) last January. For instance, the lead character was so numbed with the pain of waiting, that the harsh winter wind through the open door was unnoticed. Another character sitting beside him (standing) pressed a button to close the door and shut out the cold *that happened to me coz i didn’t realise i could close the door*. It is simple but the juxtaposing of emotions with such simple acts say so much and at the same time brought out a subtleness that is part of the everyday Japanese life.


Makoto Shinkai is hailed as the next Miyazaki. I guess what they meant was he would be the next BIG THING. In terms of themes and style of animation, he is different. For one, little tots would not be able to appreciate his films! He explores urban themes of time, loneliness, emptiness and lost promises. 5cm was the most painful of his films for me. W thinks its positive closure. What do you think?

Anime is a new found interest introduced to me by the Ultimate Anime Otaku aka the HUSBAND, W, who believes that every kid should be brought up on Anime *horror*. I KNOW he secretly harbours the thoughts and the days when he can share his life philosophy with our kids through NARUTO. Though i appreciate good anime and have a very deep respect for anime artists and directors, I have not progressed to THAT highest level yet but i do harbour dreams *amongst many others* of becoming an Anime Director so that I can create beautiful and meaningful films and put a twinkle to the human spirit.

Like design work, I like to believe that the entire process of creating an Anime must be so meaningful, intensifying and satisfying for the entire production team. Maybe someday, I’ll learn more about Anime illustration using photoshop and give it a shot *haha* but only as an Anime Artist.