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my little Linus @ 13 months

September 5, 2011

You had been looking like this for the longest time. Yes. Thumb sucking and security blanket included.

Fortunately you chose the white cotton nappy cloth to be your security blankie so mummy wouldn’t have to spend a fortune replacing them. Blankies are easy to deal with. It’s the thumb sucking that is tough. Mummy couldn’t remember when it developed but the habit was hard to break. Mittens were used, only to have you end up in tears and screams. Maybe sewing up your shirt sleeves might work! Then again, maybe lazy mummy was not determined enough since you soothe yourself to sleep by sucking your thumb and cuddling your blankie. You did not require any patting at all (except for afternoon naps when you need help to wind down).

So. Mummy could only look on…

Mummy wasn’t confident you could break it.

But just 3 days ago, you decided to give up the thumb sucking. Mummy couldn’t believe it! It was even more surprising when ‘popo’ told me you just needed to be told and reminded. ‘What?! You just had to tell baby?!’ It was funny watching you go cold turkey. You were tossing and turning in discomfort but you were determined to break the habit and we were amazed by your resolution. It was funny watching you bring your thumb up before you stop short, let out a silly grin at us and retracted before tossing and turning in your cot again. It was all too cute although it was painful to watch. You didn’t give up and finally slept.

Mummy’s guess was you understood we were worried and you wanted us to be happy. Babies are amazing. Mummy had underestimated you!

Now, the next task is to break the habit WHILE you are asleep. Think mummy needs ‘popo’s golden advice again!