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fussy eater?

September 15, 2011

It wasn’t easy getting Nadia to like her solids. I remember dreading the period when I had to establish 2 meals a day.

Like the books had advised, I fed her cereals, pureed vegetables and fruits at 6 months and her response was lukewarm. She would take it all in one day and reject the foods on another. It was difficult trying to find out what she likes. There were periods when I had to give up solids for a week or two just because it was a constant battle between the both of us which would invariably end up in tears (baby of course). Nevertheless, I kept trying and introducing different foods after the breaks.

When she got older, like most chinese parents, we feed our babies porridge. Bits of minced meats, vegetables chopped up and rice slow cooked to a smooth consistency. I was looking forward to this stage. Imagine the variety of foods we could try! However, more battles ensued and I lost. She refused to open her mouth!

This went on for some time until I noticed she wanted to eat our food. She went “mum, mum’ and pointed at the dishes. So I changed tack. Instead of throwing everything into a pot. Individual dishes were prepared like a mini kaiseki meal. She loved it. This went on for a while but again she started becoming less enthusiastic and turned away from the food. Until 10mths, she grabbed the spoon from my hands and started feeding herself. I went out immediately to get a set of cutlery for her. It was funny watching her practice her moves despite the colossal mess (lay papers on the floor). I was just happy watching my little girl grow and improve everyday.

To date, she loves her broccoli, cauliflowers, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, eggplants, mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu, fish, chicken and eggs, yoghurt and fruits. She prefers pasta and rice to plain porridge and is recently taking in red meat like pork and beef (which she rejected because it was minced!).

Despite her big appetite, she is not growing at a faster rate and the pediatrician had advised more solids. I think she is lacking in the carbohydrates group which needs to be pumped up. Hopefully she gains more weight and go back up to her 75th percentile instead of the 50th she is in now!

Wish me luck!