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Back from London! (Day 2)

March 20, 2010

London is big on breakfasts! I love it! Both me and W walked towards Nottinghill area and settled on this breakfast place, Carluccio’s. Concept Stores seem to be popular in London where they have a retail/lifestyle shop in front and the cafe at the back. Our breakfasts were good. I loved the mushrooms and bacon. Wonder how they cooked it. Hmm.

After a hearty breakfast, we walked along Westbourne Grove in Nottinghill. Burberry Kids, Paul Smith, Oxfam, Aesop and several upmarket boutiques line the street in a predominantly residential area. This is pretty unique. Well then again, if a townhouse costs $4m pounds, it may be sustainable for these expensive brands to be located here and away from main shopping streets.

Borough Market is awesome! So much to see and taste! Award winning sausages, cheeses, chorizo sandwiches and baked goodies. The list goes on!

Lots of Food and Drinks!

W bought me a slice of brownies from Cinnamon Tree Bakery (owls and gingerbread man pics). Thank you W! One of the best I’ve tasted so far!

Other sweet treats! Argh I should have bought the Burnt Sugar.

I finally got to try the fish and chips in London and Fish! is recommended (avoid the restaurant). I was surprised when they sprinkled vinegar over the fish and chips. I stopped the guy but he went ‘trust me, it’s good’. It really is! It is the adult version of eating chips with ketchup.

Our last stop was Monmouth Cafe. It apparently serves the best coffee in London. Nice interiors too with a large communal table for sharing bread and jam (you pay of course!). Despite the long queue and crowds, we managed to score a seat by the window.

After the market, we continued on to the Big Ben and took a stroll along the River Thames. We saw the London Eye and rested at the SouthBank Centre where there were free performances (we caught the rehearsals). We went on to Trafalgar square where the National Gallery and St Martin in the Fields were located, toured the place and enjoyed the rehearsals (Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) due for a performance that night. It was ethereal hearing the orchestra music fill the chapel. The baby tickled me! Hence, we decided to purchase the tickets for tomorrow’s performance – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Haha.

Feeling hungry. We took a train to Oxford Street and walked to Marylebone Street to sample the Crepes at Cafe Creperie. (Golden Hind, a famous Fish and Chips Cafe is just next door. Also, if you access Marylebone Street via James Street, you would chance upon Atari-Ya sushi which I heard, is fantastic). We ordered the Pesto Crepe (savoury) and Banana Walnut with Maple Syrup Crepe (sweet). It was crispy and delicious!


15 minutes + muji

August 20, 2009

Won a muji prize recently for voting the most popular product listed in the Muji Ion Exhibition. Yep, I am a muji fan. Hehe. I rarely do lucky draws because I NEVER win! But. The less than half empty transparent lucky draw box meant that the probability of getting a prize would be high. On top of it, I wanted the prize book so I tried my luck.

I was soooo happy when I got the letter informing me of my win. I went immediately the next day to claim my prize!

I kept the book in its wrapping so that both W and me can unwrap it. Haha. The book chronicles muji since the 80s and its development in product design. Nice.


After collecting the prize and W’s Mogo Mouse (another cool product), it seems pretty apt that we popped over to 15 minutes in LaSalle Arts School for dinner. The fish and chips (S$12.90) was great and the Affogato (S$5.50) was really good! We ordered the Lychee Soda (S$4.90), Watermelon and Feta Salad (no watermelon and feta!?) and Prawn Pizza (S$9.90) but I think you can skip them. I recommend going for lunch instead because prices are much lower (fish & chips at S$9.90).


Good fish and chips, cool ambience, low prices (for a restaurant setting) and 1 for 1 happy hour for heineken beer before 8pm will make us go back again!

LaSalle College of the Arts


A beautifully executed place isn’t it and done by local architects as well. Yeah!


Check out the CCTV camera concealed above the light. Neat huh. Hehe.