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johor jaya pasar malam

July 15, 2009

Two words to describe this – ‘TRULY ASIA’.


Have been traversing Johor (Malaysia) frequently these few weeks and a local friend had informed us of this amazing place. A pasar malam set up every Tuesdays in Johor Jaya that starts from 5pm. My parents told me this is reminiscent of our old time Singapore before the big clean up by our government. It had a bustling atmosphere of bright colours, wonderful smells and nostalgic sounds of hawkers frying through their woks to churn out delicious food!


Above (clockwise) Yong Tau Foo, Peanut Kueh, HK Salt Baked Chicken, Fried Goodies.

Below (clockwise) Roast Duck, Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Dough Fritters.


We didn’t have the time to sample the wonderful food offerings but we intend to do so SOON.


They sell almost EVERYTHING from little nick nacks like nail clippers, joss sticks, locks, snacks, dvds, bedsheets and bees?! Wow.


Remember these sweets?! Heh.


The Nonya Kueh colours are beautiful! I really can’t wait to try them!


Ultraman and Spiderman stickers and all sorts of domestic wares and appliances.


Johor Jaya is really interesting with its myriad of colours and textures. It has got a real down to earth character about it and it sells really cheap fresh produce as well. I think I’ll consider buying veggies from here soon since most of our vegetables are from Malaysia anyways. Heh.