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Lemon Grass Drink

July 3, 2009

lemongrass drink

Think I’m in a cooking frenzy lately, inspired by my fresh buys in the market yesterday (read previous post). This is another of my buys from yesterday’s market excursion. Heh. Fresh Lemongrass!

I first tried this drink years back in a Viet Restuarant and I was hooked immediately but I never drank it again because I don’t frequent Vietnamese restaurants often. Recently, we discovered an amazing Thai Restaurant (will update later) which serves the Lemongrass drink. This prompted me to recreate the drink! I simply love the aroma from Lemongrass!


> Pandan Leaves (I used 5 medium leaves)

> 8 Lemongrass Stalks

> 1 4x4x4cm Rock Sugar

> 1.5 Litres of Water

> Honey to taste

Boil a pot of water. In the meantime, remove any withered Lemongrass and trim the tip and the base of the plant. Split the Lemongrass into half lengthwise and pound the Lemongrass to release the flavours.

When the water has come to a boil, dunk the Pandan Leaves, Lemongrass and Rock Sugar into the pot. Bring to a boil. Turn down the fire and let simmer over low heat for 30 mins, covered. Avoid simmering for too long because it would have a bitter aftertaste. After 30mins, turn off the fire and leave to cool in the pot. After it has warmed down, add honey to taste and serve with ice!

Whilst cooking the drink, a nice soothing aroma from the lemongrass would sift through your kitchen. I think it is a pretty fragrant and therapeutic drink. So do try it!