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what if ‘what you’re good at is not what you want’

March 15, 2009

Tough question isn’t it.

Watched a cute movie ‘Detroit Metal City’ this afternoon. It’s a simple and funny movie about sweet and gentle Negishi who believes deeply in his philosophy – ‘no music no dreams’.


Negishi’s only dream is to sing about love and hope and he wants to spread happiness to those who hear his music. He moved to Tokyo from the countryside (Oita) wanting to live a ‘trendy’ lifestyle *think muji style*. He composes sweet love songs and sings on the streets hoping to be discovered. But alas, his talents lie in creating loud pumping Death Metal Music with morbid lyrics and he soon became the hottest most reverred Death Metal Lead Singer in Japan. Haha. The movie was funny as it illustrates Negishi’s struggles with his alter ego, alternating between checked shirts, sweaters and mushroom haircut by day and blonde hair, white face with black mascara and lipstick by night and finally to accepting his talent in the end.

And you know what. I actually ENJOYED the Heavy Metal Music.

The complex guitar and drumworks involved in the movie (I CAN NEVER recall the tune) was pretty awesome. I thought the music in the movie was cool (minus the morbid language). Having played the GuitarHero on the Wii for the past week. I am CONVINCED these artists who created these complex compositions with the drum and guitar must be geniuses. Compose technically difficult scores and appeal to an audience. Not easy at all.

Back to the point. Over a post movie drink, W asked me the same question that was resonating in my brain throughout the movie. ‘What if the thing I am good at is not what I want?’ I began to imagine that perhaps my design inclination was more suited towards corporate skyscrapers and shopping centres than a warm family house. I shiver. I think it would be torturous. I decided that music was different. I had always believed that regardless the genre of music, good music has the amazing ability to move the soul. It’s effect is more evident. I am not too sure about my line of work.

I think it is still a long way to go before I have my answer. What about you?