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Riders Cafe

May 20, 2009

I have a penchant for restaurants and cafes that are ‘real’, down to earth, in quiet locations and offers good food at reasonable prices. Throw in the owner’s philosophy, that runs along the lines of ‘passion’ for his or her craft and offerings, I will gladly part with my money.riders-0

My dear friend L, brought me to one such cafe yesterday, the Riders Cafe. Riders Cafe is surrounded by lush greens and horses in Bukit Timah’s Saddle Club and is accessible only by cars. It makes a good hideaway from town. Being a weekday, it is pretty quiet on a hot 2pm afternoon with the crowd growing at 5pm as the cool evening arrives. Just great for chats over tea with friends.riders-2

This is an ambience I would like to have if I ever own a cafe *dream*.

The menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner which I intend to try the next time. Since it is tea, we ordered a pot of Earl Grey and the following two items.


The scones *available from 3pm* are more savoury than the usual scones I have tried and can be a little dry and hard after some time. Hmm. Also, I would very much prefer clotted cream to whipped cream but kudos to the generous portions of spreads accompanying the scones.


Death by Chocolate.

Yup. This is the killer. The cake is totally drowned in chocolate. I couldn’t breathe too. It’s THAT good. Now, I’m not a chocolate cake fan. I prefer to savour chocolate bars on its own and would most often choose fruity or citrusy cakes over chocolate ones *really miss Wajima’s yuzu cake w orange liquer!*

But. This is different. L told me that the ice cream uses vanilla beans instead of the artificial vanilla flavourings. I have read and heard about expensive vanilla pods and home made ice creams but have not had the chance to try some.

I think I can never go back to Wall’s Vanilla Ice Cream.


I finished 2/3 of the cake! Think I should join the horses in their morning runs. Shucks.

It was a really nice afternoon chat. Quality time with good friends and good food, the cost is justified. I hope the Cafe stays the same for a long time and I’ll be coming back.