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soup stock tokyo

June 8, 2009


Had an interesting conversation with L about soups today. It was about L’s vision and love for her soups and the quality of take-away soups sold in Singapore.

Our parents are Cantonese hence soups play an important part in our meals. Whenever I’m home, my parents would spend hours going through the boiling, washing, boil again, simmer and then boil again processes to eek out 6 small bowls of delicious soup for all of us. They would experiment with ingredients, timing and processes to create that perfect bowl of nourishing soup. It feels particularly special now that I no longer live with my parents. Their soups mean alot to me. To me, it is parental love.

Since Chinese soup requires hours to prepare, we figured that is the reason why good Chinese soup cannot be take-aways. Double boiled soups need to be ordered a day in advance in Chinese restaurants. Even the ‘soup of the day’ is limited.

I guess Western soups is still an economically viable option.

This brought to mind an amazing take-away soup I had tried in Tokyo. It’s from Soup Stock Tokyo. It was a winter special. I could not remember the name of the soup but it had beef, potatoes, carrots, cheese and it’s tomato based. The soup was DELICIOUS. I made sure I kept a tiny morsel of bread (that came with it) so that I could wipe off every drop of soup from the bowl. Trust me. It will blow you away.

IMG_3166 copy

Will someone with money please bring them over !!!