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sunshine stay!

May 15, 2010

This should be late spring I believe.

According to our French Hosts at the B&Bs that we had stayed in on our Provence Roadtrip last week (pics coming!), 14 May is the Official Day when all snow would end and sunshine would descend upon France. ALAS. France was enjoying 2 weeks of warm weather before everything changes. Until today, it has been 3 weeks of wintry cold, wind and rain with temperatures dipping to 4 degrees in the mornings and nights. I had happily stashed away the fleece and brought out summer clothes only to take my winter clothes out again! Argh!

But today. Sunshine! Seems like our hosts were right after all! I just hope it stays long enough to warm up Fontainebleau. Because tonight is Insead’s 50th Anniversary Summer Ball which would be a grand celebration (ie black tie event = tuxedos) and I cannot imagine stepping out of the apartment in a thin dress at 10pm.


Spring is here!

March 5, 2010

I think.

Well the weather is getting warm and sunny. A far cry from a month back when Fontainebleau was in shades of whites and greys. For the past months, I had been holed up in my apartment. Yes. I feel like the hibernating bear in winter. Buying food in bulk and stocking up so that I could stay in my ‘cave’ and not go to the market which is a 15 min walk away!

Check this out!

With the weather warming up, my mood is getting better and I am seriously geared up for some travel and photo taking.