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July 15, 2009


L has done it again! She brought me to a lovely restaurant SPRUCE along Tanglin Road 2 days ago. A beautifully furnished restaurant with an alfresco area and tables spaced comfortably apart, it’s just great for long afternoon tea conversations.


Niche cafes with lots of character, popping up in the most unlikely of places, is becoming a trend. Though not so accessible (unless you take a taxi or a long walk from the bus stop), it’s a refreshing break from franchises that are a common sight in Singapore. It’s exciting and I certainly look forward to more in the near future. Apart from introducing better food options, it shows creativity on how personal interpretation of an old space, when done tastefully, could ‘spruce’ up the area and regain a building’s dignity.


Each seating area is peppered with textures, little details and colours to differentiate the space. Nice.

The cheese platter is WONDERFUL. I never knew cheese platter tastes so good! Though it’s pricey (S$15), I think it’s worth it. I buy cheese often from Cold Storage and though much cheaper, do not have the depth nor robustness of these cheeses. The Brie sold in the supermarket is mild in flavour. BUT, this Brie is intense. I really love it. I am a convert now but I think I need to find cheaper sources. Heh.


L liked the brownies whilst I find the scones a tad on the dry side and was slightly disappointed that it came with no clotted cream but despite that, the ambience and reasonable pricing made up for it. L tried their burgers for dinner previously and apparently it’s pretty good. Since it’s wheelchair friendly, I’ll be bringing my great grandmother along to sample their offerings for dinner real soon!