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TWG white house tea

September 12, 2009

TWG WhiteHouseTea

Yup! This is the other amazing TWG tea that I have mentioned previously here. It is therapeutic just looking at the tea leaves and petals float in the pale olive tea.

This is the Pai Mu Tan (otherwise called Bai Mu Dan or White Peony Tea) White Tea.  According to what I’ve found, white teas are young tea leaves with little processing and are strong antioxidants. Because of its delicate taste, it is recommended that the leaves are added to water at 80 degrees to prevent the loss of its flavours. Apparently, it would develop a bitter aftertaste if the temperature of the water is too high.

Like the TWG 1837 Black Tea, the aroma is wonderful and carries the same sweet tones. Gosh. Just writing about it is conjuring up images of this light tea with delicious warm strawberry muffins.

That’s it. I am getting some muffins to go with my White Tea later. Hehe.


TWG 1837 Black Tea

September 1, 2009


I love teas.

However, my tea experience is confined to the brands carried by our local supermarket eg Gryphon, Lipton, Dilmah and Twinings. My favourites are the usual Earl Greys, English Breakfast, Darjeelings, Green Teas and Chamomiles, and always in tea bags. I have a little collection of teas, to match the food I eat, my mood and time of the day. When I am stressed at work, teas calm me down. It has that kind of gentle effect which I credit to the tastes of my choice of teas.

There are occasional exceptions, like the wonderful Yuzu Green Tea (I love Yuzu) at 2am Dessert Cafe in Holland Village, the Brown Rice Teas and the amazing Matcha from Japan. However, I have never explored further than the local supermarkets because of my limited knowledge of brands available here and of course, costs. The last splurge was 4 years ago when I was in Paris and a friend had introduced ‘Fortnum and Masons’ Earl Grey Tea. Teas can be expensive. This led W to wonder which is more costly, beans to produce a cup of coffee (W is a coffee addict) versus tea leaves for a cup of tea.

Months ago, a wonderful friend bought me a bag of tea from TWG (my office farewell gift). That was it. I am lost for words. It spelt the end of my supermarket brands. It can be cruel, to be exposed to more wonderful flavours. It’s TWG’s 1837 Black Tea T6033. It’s a modern tea blend exclusive to TWG. It smells like strawberry cake and tastes so smooth that I kept refilling my pot with water. No leaves should be wasted.


You must try it. And stay tuned for another tea which L just bought me!